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The List is up and RUNNING! 1/27/2014

The Hardware Group is a social group of like minded individuals who believe in, and, live with all things digital or internet related. We are users, builders, technicians, and IT professionals. We thrive on sharing problems and solutions. Yes, the Hardware Group can be pretty geeky!

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  1. To all,

    My brother, Duncan, (do not know how he’s identified in your group other than the owner of this site) was admitted to the hospital on 11-11 after suffering multiple strokes. He was in ccu for 3 days, the hospital for 3 and is now in re-hab. He is mobile, somewhat, and coherent, but memory, vision, and balance are impaired. Thought you would like to know. He’s optimistic, accepting, and going with the flow. He’s himself in conversation, just trapped in a not too responsive body.


  2. Thanks to everyone for all of their heartfelt messages to Duncan. I was able to print out all the well wishes, and read them to him the weeks of 11/26 and 12/1. It touched his heart greatly to hear kind words of encouragement and fondness. He recognized everyone’s name and had a comment for almost every message. He is comforted to know things are being looked after during this trying time.

    He is working on his memory and relearning the skills of his life. His health is good, spirits are optimistic, and his memory improves each time I visit. He walks and talks well but is bored not having certain memories and skills available. If you want to send a card, his mail is forwarded to me.

    Duncan H. Sinclair
    3 Glenn Street
    Fort Oglethorpe, GA 30742
    His phone number is operational for calls in but with no way to leave a message.

    He has access to his email, sort of, but having been out of the loop for two months, he commented on not knowing the background nor having the specific memories or wherewithall to respond. I plan to visit every few days and help him with access to this area of interest. I wouldn’t necessarily look to him for suggestions or decisions, however, he may surprise and delight with input from his new found perspective.


    Bonny Sinclair

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